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Ever since the first model T rolled off the production line in 1903, America has been infatuated with cars. We love taking them on road trips, watching them race, and some of us even love taking a stab at building them ourselves. One of America’s original automobile obsessions was the All-American hot rod. Street rods, or hot rods as they are more commonly known, rose to popularity in the 1930s and 40s. At that time, car racing enthusiasts in Southern California began modifying existing models like Model As, Model Ts, and Model Bs, by swapping out the original engines and replacing them with engines that were bigger and faster.

The popularity of hot rodding rose as WWII veterans returned from the war equipped with increased mechanical knowledge and the need to channel pent up energy. Early hotrods were raced on dry lake beds, and then later, on city streets. Today, hotrods are still raced, though legal races now take place on closed tracks for the safety of both drivers and bystanders.

Other hot rod enthusiasts, like us, build and restore these classic cars out of pure love for their iconic status in Americana. A group of friends, we work out of our home garages in the Seattle area, helping each other revitalize and construct these one-of-a-kind vehicles. If you too are passionate about street rods, follow our blog to get updates on our latest projects, information on hot rod racing, and tips for your own hot rod restoration.

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